Inman Aligners


Have you been putting off orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience and discomfort of wearing traditional braces? You’d love to fix your crooked teeth, but a commitment of several years with metal wires and brackets just doesn’t fit your busy lifestyle

There have been so many amazing advances in dental technology recently, and we now have many options for straightening teeth efficiently and with little disruption to your life. Dr. Park has advanced training in the use of Inman Aligners, an efficient orthodontic treatment system that straightens your teeth in as little as six weeks.

What Are Inman Aligners?

Inman Aligners are a discreet, removable orthodontic treatment that corrects the alignment of the teeth that show when you smile. Inman Aligners work by using a patented process that gently and comfortably moves your front teeth into their ideal position. They are convenient, too – the aligners are removable for eating and oral hygiene, and best of all, desired results can be achieved in a matter of weeks.

This state-of-the-art treatment uses aligners on the inside and outside of your front teeth to create a gentle, opposing force. The inner aligner moves your teeth forward while the outer aligner pulls back on the front teeth. This unique movement strategy guides your teeth into the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted.

When Are Inman Aligners Used?

Inman Aligners are a great choice for correcting certain mild to moderate alignment problems that affect your front teeth. Inman Aligners are very effective when used for the following:

  • Aligning crowded or protruding front teeth
  • Correcting relapse after orthodontic treatment
  • Preparing teeth for cosmetic treatment like bonding or porcelain veneers

What Is Treatment Like?

Patients at our Winter Haven dental office who have had their teeth straightened with Inman Aligners are happy to find that treatment is quick and easy. First, we take highly accurate impressions that will be used to create your custom aligner trays at a special dental lab.

Once your custom aligners have been created, we adjust them carefully to ensure proper movement of your teeth. We will send you home with instructions for using your aligners, but in general you need to wear them for sixteen to twenty hours per day. 

Our team will schedule appointments for regular checks every two to three weeks to monitor your progress and make sure that your teeth are moving correctly. Once treatment is finished, we fit you with a comfortable and discreet retainer to ensure that your teeth do not relapse. 

Personalized Treatment

Dr. Park and our team combine our expertise with genuine concern to bring you the highest quality dental care possible. Effective, state-of-the-art treatments like Inman Aligners at our Winter Haven dental office are sure to bring out your best smile!

Our job is to listen to you so we can understand your concerns and provide the treatment that is perfect for you. Helping you make informed decisions is the most effective way for us to deliver the exact results you’re looking for.

Are you ready to take the next step to achieving a smile you can really be proud of? Please give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about Inman Aligners and our other convenient orthodontic treatments.