CEREC Single-Visit Crowns

We know that you're busy and your full schedule may make it a challenge to set aside time for lengthy dental visits. At the office of Dr. John Park, we focus on finding the most updated treatments that make your dental care efficient and uncomplicated. CEREC is a fairly recent innovation that allows us to create new restorations while eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

Until recently, we didn’t have a lot of choices for repairing damaged and decayed teeth. CEREC makes it possible for us to create a durable, tooth-colored restoration that returns your tooth to its natural beauty, strength, and function. Using CEREC means you can avoid the lengthy process associated with traditional crowns. You don’t have to live with the inconvenience of a temporary crown, and you’ll leave our office the same day with a beautiful, natural-looking dental restoration.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

We make it a priority to do whatever it takes to make your dental care convenient and comfortable. CEREC crowns allow us to quickly and easily place a permanent all-ceramic crown in just one appointment. CEREC crowns are convenient, but they also offer other advantages compared to traditional crowns:

  • No temporary crowns
  • Fewer shots and less drilling
  • Metal-free, tooth-colored ceramic looks natural
  • No messy impressions to worry about

Convenience is not the only benefit of CEREC, though. The process we use to bond your new crown to your tooth also eliminates the need for us to alter a lot of your healthy tooth structure.

How the CEREC Process Works

CEREC single-visit crowns are created right here in our office using advanced technology. Dr. Park starts by shaping your natural tooth to allow your new crown to fit perfectly. Next, he scans your teeth with an intraoral camera that generates a full-color 3-D model of your teeth.

This precise model is used to plan the design and placement of your new crown, after which the crown is fabricated in a specialized milling machine while you relax. Finally, the crown is adjusted to fit perfectly, then polished and secured in your mouth.

Trust Your Care to Experienced Professionals

We specialize in providing cutting-edge services like CEREC crowns, but great dentistry goes far beyond technology and the treatments you receive. Most importantly, you deserve to be treated with kindness by caring professionals who are responsive and understand your needs.

Dr. Park and our professional team make it a point to provide our patients with updated treatments by continually updating our education and training. This ensures that you will always receive the highest standard of care.

CEREC crowns are a remarkable development in dental technology, but you won’t know how amazing they are until you see for yourself! Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to arrange a complimentary consultation to show you what CEREC can do for you.